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the flying spaghetti monster gave my mom a great idea

oh, the things my mother talks me in to. well, my mother and an inappropriate, yet therapeutic, amount of theraflu.

you see…this evening i took a break from smoking my sherlock holmes pipe, wearing my cashmere robe, and making a sophisticated dinner of vegetables, because i had half a mind to call my mother. and call her i did. mostly because we hadn’t chatted in a week or so, and frankly i think it’s a good idea to keep tabs on her.

anyway, i phoned and she answered – i believe her first words were ‘your father saw the caller id and is now walking in the other direction, do you want me to grab him before he disappears?’

‘no, mom, thanks. i called to talk to you. wait…am i in trouble???’ i asked.

my mother ignored me and continued…’you know honey i’ve been thinking, you should really be selling greeting and holiday cards of your drawings to local merchants in your area.’

i was really dumbfounded by this comment for a couple of reasons. well, initially i was terrified because this probably means she still reads my blog and i’m pretty sure that’s a bad thing. and then i was confused because if she does read this, why on earth would she encourage me to pursue being ‘creative’ when this is the best i can do (this reminds me, my parent’s got B Team a camera for her birthday and my dad told me that he thought being creative was her calling, so now we have a running gag about quitting our day jobs and telling my parents it’s their fault for supporting our creative habits. it’s really funny. to us, at least).

wait for it…

anyway, back to the task at hand. i don’t think it’s quite as easy to be an entrepreneur as my mother believes, especially an artsy one – like, you don’t get to set around with your thumbs up your butt all day and then decide to draw some stick figures on construction paper and make enough to cover rent. or cable. or coffee. that being said…i’m totally gonna do it. so here i am, hopped up on theraflu, and 100% firmly committed to making laurenceofarizona stick figure cards and maybe even tshirts!!!

p.s. i asked nanook how to do this and she said i should buy a printer. which sounds like a lot of work. but it turns out i have a printer (never been used, still in it’s box), but i haven’t used it because i don’t think i have the cord to connect it to my computer. i dunno. maybe i should look into that, first.


About laurenceofarizona

i've always been more than a little suspicious about australia. what the hell are they doing down there with no one there to supervise them?? it makes me kind of uncomfortable, actually. i imagine its all didgeridoos and loose women and anarchy but the rest of the world will never be able to properly peer pressure them into civility because they've got some sort of massive hoax industrial complex to fool us into leaving them alone with their didgeridoos. and they will get away with it because they are so flippin' far away! whatever. jokes on them when whatever tectonic plate australia sits on brings it closer to the rest of us.


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