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she makes everything better. except for the things she makes weirder.

at the risk of the internet telling me to shut my pie-hole, i love my wife. she’s adorable.

she’s also really excitable and loves things that are cute.

i, on the other hand, do not typically get behind such things.

which is what makes this relationship all so damn perplexing for me. for example, Nanook really likes to send me cards. they are generally super adorable, unsurprisingly.

and super weird.

but sometimes the best parts about the cards are the envelopes themselves. i recently told Nanook that my roommate B Team was pretty sure we had mice again. now, i fancy myself somewhat of an exterminating aficionado and have dedicated a not insignificant amount of time researching best practices for killing things. in other words, i take it seriously. so what does Nanook do? she sends me a card inside an envelope depicting mice at play with questionable accuracy.

the cross i bare is alarmingly heavy.

kidding!! happy 126 day anniversary to us! we are already 54-days better than kim kardashian!


About laurenceofarizona

i've always been more than a little suspicious about australia. what the hell are they doing down there with no one there to supervise them?? it makes me kind of uncomfortable, actually. i imagine its all didgeridoos and loose women and anarchy but the rest of the world will never be able to properly peer pressure them into civility because they've got some sort of massive hoax industrial complex to fool us into leaving them alone with their didgeridoos. and they will get away with it because they are so flippin' far away! whatever. jokes on them when whatever tectonic plate australia sits on brings it closer to the rest of us.


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